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Make Summer Virtually Unforgettable In Duluth, GA

Summers are tough

Summers are a challenge, there’s days to fill, but you’ve already done it all. The Duluth, Georgia area has a number of things to do, including outdoor attractions, discount activities, family entertainment centers, local events, festivals, and much more.

The challenge is finding something active, engaging, and memorable for your family to enjoy this summer, without a long trip or a huge bill, and there’s a new option that promises to make your family’s summer Virtually Unforgettable.

Here at NexusVR your whole family can experience things they never thought possible:

  • Explore deep space
  • Visit the bottom of the ocean
  • Travel the world
  • Fight zombies
  • Battle aliens

All from right here in your own back yard!

Make their Birthdays Virtually Unforgettable Too!

Virtual Reality gives you the ultimate birthday, something fun, new, and active that they will be talking about for weeks after, with no headaches!