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SuperHot VR

One of the most popular games here at NexusVR is SuperHot. SuperHot was originally released as a PC and console game and was later rebuilt from the ground up for VR.

In both versions the game is simple: time moves when you move. Fight enemies with guns, knives, or your bare hands, dodge incoming attacks, feel like an action hero.


The Tournament

On October 30th, from 6 pm – 8 pm we will be holding a SuperHot tournament. First prize will be $150 cash, second prize is a $100 NexusVR gift card, third prize is a $50 NexusVR gift card.

Admission is $25 and includes two 15-minute rounds of SuperHot VR, a drink, a snack, and raffle tickets to win free SuperHot swag including t-shirts, jackets, and other great SuperHot items.

To Enter, book a one-hour session on October 30 during the tournament, but be sure to come for the duration of the event to be eligible for all the draws and to get time to play your rounds.

You will be given two chances to play the 15-minute version of SuperHot VR and to record your score. The highest scoring sessions will win the first, second, and third place prizes!

Good luck, and we can’t wait to see you. In the meantime, come on in and practice up! Let our staff know if you would like to play the 15-minute version and we’ll change it over for you.

Some Tips

Here’s our tips for getting higher scores in SuperHot:

Be Patient

Take your time in SuperHot, time only moves when you do.
Take your time…

Remember: time only moves when you do. We see so many players that try to rush through the game as fast as possible, and while that can get the adrenaline pumping, it also means enemy bullets reach you that much faster. Take a moment and evaluate the scene, look for hidden enemies, and identify weapons at your disposal.

Stop Bullets

Pew Pew Pew

Objects in SuperHot are not just for throwing or shooting at your enemies, they can also block bullets! Every object you can grab can stop a bullet, and most solid objects (except bottles, glasses, mugs, etc) can do it again and again. So don’t just shoot your enemies, use the gun to stop them.

Toss Your Guns

Ok, maybe not like this guy, but an empty gun is still a throwing weapon. When you run out of ammo, throw the gun at an enemy to score one more kill!

Remember: It’s one Common Space

I’m saving my most powerful tip for last. There are times in SuperHot that are a real challenge, but most players forget one key thing: many levels in SuperHot are part of one larger common space, and grabbing the pyramid just teleports you from one part of the space to the other.

More importantly: the space doesn’t reset between levels! You can take a weapon from one part of the space, throw it toward the next part of the space, then grab the pyramid and pop to the next level. You can then catch the weapon and use it for the next level!

This is a great trick for challenging levels, and if you really work things right you can even kill enemies as they spawn by throwing things toward where they will spawn and then popping to the next level!

Good Luck

We hope to see you at the tournament and look forward to watching you practice these tricks to ensure you win our grand prize!