FAQ • NexusVR

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear glasses?

Absolutely! Our headsets are designed to be usable while wearing eyeglasses. We do recommend contacts if possible though.

Do I Have To Play Alone Or Can I Play With Friends?

VR is a social experience! We can put you all in the same experience so you will play with your friends! This is really the way to go!

There Is A Game I Want To Play But You Don’t Have It. Will You Add It For Me?

We’re always looking to expand our Experiences Library with the latest new content! If you have a suggestion for a experience you want to see at NexusVR, please let us know!

What Computers Do You Use?

Like John Hammond said in Jurassic Park, we spared no expense!

  • Vive Pro w/Wireless
  • i9-9900K
  • 32GB DDR4-3000
  • Nvidia RTX 2080ti

If you’re not into computer specs, just rest assured we made sure you’ll have the very best Virtual Reality experience possible

Why should I try VR?

The short answer? Because it’s fun. The long answer? NexusVR lets you interact with another world. You could be pulling back the string of a bow or be looking down the scope of a rifle. You could be commanding an army at your feet or holding a heavy golf club. As limitless as your options are in reality you will have many more in virtual reality.