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Targo Stories

Virtual Reality isn't just about games! The Targo Stories team has worked to give you access to a world of experiences you wouldn't otherwise be able to try. Their documentary films are produced for viewing in VR and give you the ability to look all around you as you step inside someone else's world and learn what it's like to skydive, to race dogsleds, to walk across a canyon on a slackline, and much more! See Notre Dame from the inside and learn about its creator, discover how it feels in the front seat of a rally car, even learn what it's like to raise bees in an urban landscape. These stories are for everyone, and are ideal for a seated experience. We'll be happy to provide a comfortable chair upon request for those who prefer a more relaxed VR experience. Note: While the trailer on this page has French-language dialog, the films in the arcade are dubbed into English.
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