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Birthday Parties


Give them a birthday they’ll never forget! Birthday parties at NexusVR are the ultimate birthday party choice for not only teenagers but also adults. 

We can accommodate parties large and small, whether you have a few friends or over a dozen. We’re Georgia’s largest VR facility with thirteen stations! You can rent anywhere from 4 stations to our whole facility for your birthday party. 

When you book with NexusVR we take care of everything from our dedicated event room, to tables and chairs, to pizza and sodas. We’ll provide all the supplies you need including napkins, cups, plates, and cutlery, and we can even provide the pizza and sodas.


Make their birthday virtually unforgettable

Frequently Asked Questions

Why a VR Birthday Party?

When you look at places to host a birthday party, you often encounter options such as gymnastics, bowling, jump parks, mini-golf, laser tag, karting, and other single-option venues.

The challenge is that each choice represents a single option: each attendee hopefully likes the one thing you’ve picked. There are large facilities that offer multiple things to do, but then you’re often dealing with a pay-per-play model where the cost isn’t predictable and adds up quickly!

At NexusVR your birthday party will have something for everyone, and your attendees are in control! They can switch from flying through space to diving under the ocean, from rhythm games to combat simulators, all with the push of a button.

Over fifty VR experiences are available at NexusVR for your party attendees, and all are available as part of a predetermined hourly rate, it’s variety and predictable pricing combined!

Why NexusVR?

Here at NexusVR birthday parties and events aren’t an after-thought, they are a key part of what we do. To better accommodate families we’ve built our facility around ensuring that your party goes smoothly. That includes things like building a dedicated, separate event room with large tables and plenty of seating, having the most VR stations of any VR facility in the entire state, and around making VR birthday parties easy to book and to experience.

Book online with transparent pricing, add pizza and sodas, and all you’ll need to do is show up with your party. We’ll take care of set-up, catering, game operation, and take-down. Our staff will be on-hand to ensure your party is virtually unforgettable!

Do you have a separate party room?

Yes we do! Our event room is a completely separate space with a closable door, two tables, seating for up to eighteen, a counter for food and gifts, and a TV for presentations. 

How Does Scheduling Work?

When you book a session online, you are booking the start time of the VR portion of your party. You have access to the event room 30 minutes prior to this time, during the VR portion of the party, and for 30 minutes after.

For example, if you book a birthday party for 1pm, you will have use of the event room from 12:30pm to 2:30pm.

Can I bring my own food and drink?

Outside food and drink is permitted in the party room. If you prefer, you can order pizza and sodas while booking your party.

What if I don't need the party room?

The party room is required for any group looking to consume outside food and drink, catered pizza and sodas, or looking to hold any non-VR activities such as gift openings.

The party room is also recommended for any groups expecting additional non-playing attendees due to limited space for non-players at the front waiting area of the arcade.

If your plans are to simply play VR and then move to another location for the remainder of the birthday then you won’t need the event room. In that case, click here and book a VR experience instead.

What am I booking?

When you book a virtual reality birthday party you are booking individual VR stations for one hour. These stations each have a VR headset and controllers and provide space for the participants to move around freely so they can explore and interact in VR.

Birthday party bookings also include our event room for two hours, starting 30 minutes before your reserved VR station time and ending 30 minutes after your VR station time. This allows your group to eat, play, and then have cake and gifts.

How many stations should I book?

We recommend booking one station for each participant at the birthday party. We have a number of VR games that are multiplayer, and we have found that it’s more fun to play things together than to take turns watching each other play. 

Our birthday packages require a minimum of four stations and can be booked up to our full capacity of 13 stations. If you have more participants than stations, we charge an additional $10 for extra participants. You are allowed a maximum of one participant for every 30 minutes of booked time.

What if I have more participants than I booked for?

Birthdays are unpredictable, and we often have events where additional attendees arrive. If we have stations available that have not been otherwise booked, we can add those to your party, but we do not hold stations that are not part of your booking, and we may not be able to provide additional stations at the last minute if they are booked for any time that overlaps with your birthday party.

We do allow for additional participants in the same station at a rate of $10 per additional participant, with a limit of one participant for every 30 minutes of session time (two participants per station for a 60-minute party). These can be booked in advance as add-ons or will be billed to your card on file on the day of.